God is a creative being. He created the diversity and beauty that we enjoy in the world, and we were created in His image! We have the ability to be just as creative in our lives. It's up to you - to look at every situation and see what you can make of it. These are just notes/thoughts/ideas about how I've brought creativity into my everyday life. Some worked. Some didn't. Posted here as an encouragement to me and as a reminder of all that I am learning. If it helps or inspires you too, well then that's even better!
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Busy week is almost over. So I hit whole foods grabbed a few of my favorite things and watched the sunset from here. #lajolla

A new use for some of my finds. Apothecary jars turned spice jars from @christopherandco & a pimento cheese box to hold them from Somewhere in time. #vintage

Loving my @chatbooks! Never been a big scrapbooker so this is perfect. Get the app, link to your IG, print 60 photo books of your feed for $6 each. #instagram #chatbooks #myinstalife

Took the day off and set out to shop local. Spent all day at @christopherandco, @abundanttreasures, Vintage Antiques in Springdale and Rogers and more. Got some cool pieces for gifts and for me and had a blast! #shoplocal #vintage #antiques

Not real sure why God brought me to this book but excited to see what he’s going to show me through it. #bebrave @anniefdowns

Great sunset over NWA. #nofilter

Happy Tuesday from the pointers. Chilling in a sunbeam. #pointers #furrybabies #dogsofinstagram

I got all geeked out this weekend about antique silverware. Here are some of my finds - the start my collection.

Grandpa Otts morning glories are one of my favorites. These come back every year. Don’t stand too close tho, they’ll wrap around you in a second! Aggressive little suckers #itsajunglehere