God is a creative being. He created the diversity and beauty that we enjoy in the world, and we were created in His image! We have the ability to be just as creative in our lives. It's up to you - to look at every situation and see what you can make of it. These are just notes/thoughts/ideas about how I've brought creativity into my everyday life. Some worked. Some didn't. Posted here as an encouragement to me and as a reminder of all that I am learning. If it helps or inspires you too, well then that's even better!
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Photo Friday - Day’s End. Our pointers, Stella and Forrest, pretty much turn off as soon as it gets dark. They get up at 5, and go all day. So by day’s end, they are toast!

I’m going to try and do this photo challenge where you submit a photo, based on a theme, once a week for a year. Sounds like fun and a cool way to keep my creative juices flowing. Join me if you want. Here we go!

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